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We are Steven and Lauren Davis, of Davis Photo Arts.

STEVEN brings a lifetime of high-tech industrial experience to photography and applies all his talents to every project. He has a deep understanding of both natural light and strobes, often combining the two in challenging environments to produce the best images possible for our clients.

He loves the quiet of remote places, a warm fire in the mountains, the howling of wolves or barking of coyotes late in the night, and that first cup of coffee on a cold morning.

LAUREN is an Holistic Veterinarian, a Personal Defense instructor, and worked previously in the advertizing industry. She brings a lifetime of art involvement and clinical skills to every project, and her calm reassuring nature is vital to the supportive and creative environment our clients have come to value so deeply.

She enjoys basking in the power of waterfalls, the sounds of the night while out in the wild, brisk mountain air and warm days swimming in the back country.

TOGETHER, we promote a secure and liberating space in which our clients are free to experience and live their photographic dreams. Our clients notice the difference both in the final images and in how they feel about their experience with us, often returning with more involved and expressive projects in mind

Those who choose us seek to create deep meaningful memories and amazing artwork in epic natural settings. To that end we travel with you as both guide and documentarian, encouraging you as you create life-affirming experiences. During breaks, we remain in the background allowing you explore the environs at your leisure... for as many days and in as many locations as your dream requires.

To ensure our clients have a customized experience free of limitations, we do not offer package deals in canned settings. We work with you to choose the time and place that best enables your dream, whether that be a local waterfall lined with spring flowers or a far-away mountain peak draped in fall color. And if you require a more controlled setting for individual or couples portraiture, our humble on-site studio is even equipped with a wood stove and hot cocoa for cold winter days.

Our dream is the creation of imagery that gives our clients beautiful memories. Those memories start with unleashing your own imagination. We look forward to exploring those possibilities with you!

It is our belief that photographs are meant to be printed and displayed, and that the value of a print, having been lovingly crafted and artfully produced will easily exceed it's cost.

We strive to produce heirloom photography with the sole intent of pleasing not only the you of today, but also the you decades from today. We understand that life chages us all over time, and with those changes comes perspective; with our photography that persepective depens the love you will feel with our classic and distinct style. There is no better way to relive and reconnect to the you of decades past than to rekindle your emergence on subsequent viewings.

We use only Premium Printing for all images!

We do not use Kiosk printers. Premium Printing begins with select high-quality lustre and glossy papers as our standard choice.
Yes, this costs a bit more, but the increase in quality more than justifies that cost.

You also have the choice of a wide range of art papers by Hahnemuehle, the choice of fine art printers around the world.
Hahnemuehle papers are known for their textured surfaces which provide a vivid and life-like rendition of colors and gradients of light.

A wide range of mounting options are availble from foam-core backing to metal plate prints up to archival inkjet vividity on gater boards for a gallery-ready presentation! All printing is handled by us, through a professional print house so that we can guarantee color correct and breath-taking work time after time. Every print order is custom! It's your print order - no packages forcing your choices. Just the prints you want and nothing more.
Whether you select our Premium Prints or opt for the luxurious choices of art papers your images are sure to be keepsakes treasured by your family. And every print ordered comes with a free web-sized download!

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Canvas Wraps are the easiest way to turn your photos into Masterpiece Artworks, and are more affordable than you might think!

Printing is done on the highest quality canvas and provides a time-tested surface sure to fit the emotional and artistic feel of any image.

Frames of 1¼" and 1¾" depth are available, depending on the size of finished wrap and each print includes your choice of black or white border.

We can also Mirror Wrap your mounting for a small additional charge.

Many of our clients have remarked how their canvas wrap has become the focal point in their image display, the favorite print they own! From easy to hang 8x10's to prints suitable for a castle wall, we encourage you to consider the classic Gallery Wrap! As always, every print ordered comes with a free web-sized download!

Layflat Binding and Custom Book Layouts

Your images, custom arranged and printed on thick, lusterous pages using the best binding method for a book that truly lays flat.

Our quality binding is the key to the best lay flat book available. And we spend the extra time to custom layout your images, doing collages, full page prints with or without borders, even centerfolds!

We believe the value of an image, finely crafted and meticulously printed exceeds its cost. And that value is made tangible each and every time the print is viewed. Hands-down, the best way to present your elopement, the beginning of your story together, or the intimate artwork you'll cherish for the rest of your life is to print it in a layflat book. Your story. Your memories. Your book.

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